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What you and your guests can expect from a conference at Dartmoor Zoo

What you and your guests can expect from a conference at Dartmoor Zoo

Businesses in Devon and across the UK host corporate events and conferences to build relationships, develop awareness, and educate guests. And where better to host a truly memorable conference than at a zoo?!

Dartmoor Zoo offers a refreshing and engaging alternative for corporate events, combining the functionality of a larger space to host more attendees with the unique experience of being amidst one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. There aren’t many places in the UK where a lunchtime intermission for corporate activities can include a Big Cat talk! 

Here’s what you and your guests can expect when you hire a conference room at Dartmoor Zoo.

Exceptional conference packages

Dartmoor Zoo presents a unique venue that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a serene and inspiring backdrop for your corporate events. We understand that each event has its own set of requirements and objectives. So, we’ve designed three distinct conference packages to cater to a wide range of needs: the Meerkat, Otter, and Jaguar packages. Each is tailored to ensure your event is both memorable and impactful.

Meerkat Package

The Meerkat Package offers a compact yet comprehensive option. It includes room hire for either the morning or afternoon, with refreshments served upon arrival and during the break. This package is ideal for those looking for a brief yet effective meeting or workshop setting.

Otter Package

The Otter Package is designed for full-day events, providing everything included in the Meerkat Package plus a delicious lunch to keep your team energised throughout the day. This option offers more flexibility and time to delve deeper into your conference agenda or team-building activities.

Jaguar Package

Elevate your event with the Jaguar Package, our premium offering. Alongside all the benefits of the Otter Package, it features an exclusive animal experience that promises to make your conference unforgettable. This package is the epitome of combining business with pleasure, offering a unique opportunity to engage with the natural world while achieving your corporate objectives.

Each package is designed with your convenience and the success of your event in mind, providing a range of options to suit different schedules, budgets, and preferences. Download our Corporate Brochure for more detailed information and to explore how we can tailor your event to meet your specific needs.

Host your next conference at Dartmoor Zoo

Dartmoor Zoo is ready to host your next corporate event and start planning its success. With our diverse conference packages, stunning location, and commitment to excellence, we’re ready to provide an unparalleled experience for you and your guests. Whether you’re aiming to inspire your team, foster corporate relationships, or simply enjoy a change of scenery for an all-hands workshop, Dartmoor Zoo offers the perfect setting.

Interested? Then learn more about our conference room hire and our different pricing options. We’re looking forward to helping you make your next conference not just successful, but truly memorable too.

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