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‘Flavily’ Dartmoor Zoo’s hottest new lynx couple!

Love is in the air at Dartmoor Zoo and the new couple on the scene are Carpathian Lynxes, Flaviu and…


10-year-old Niobe has a performance of a lifetime!

Like many other places, Dartmoor Zoo are feeling the impact of the cost-of-living crisis with electricity bills reaching new highs…


Dartmoor Zoo welcomes new lynx, Emily!

Travelling from Karlsruhe Zoo in Germany, Emily, Flaviu’s new love interest, arrived at Dartmoor Zoo on Tuesday 27th February. At…


Missing binturong has been found safe and returned to Dartmoor Zoo!

Dartmoor Zoo are pleased to announce that Malu, a Palawan Binturong that managed to escape his enclosure, has now been…