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Days Out in Devon and Cornwall: A Spotlight on Dartmoor Zoo

Are you looking for days out in Devon and Cornwall for the whole family? Discover Dartmoor Zoo, a captivating family-friendly destination nestled in Devon’s heart. Since 1968, it has evolved from a modest collection into a thriving 33-acre haven for diverse species.

Dartmoor Zoo aims to ignite lifelong respect for animals and the environment through immersive education and hands-on experiences. As a premier family activity in Devon, the zoo blends entertainment and learning for an unforgettable day out.

Highlights of the Zoo

From the majestic African lion to playful meerkats, Dartmoor Zoo houses 70+ global animal species.

Enriching Activities

Beyond exhibits, Dartmoor Zoo offers interactive animal talks, feeding sessions, and exciting animal experiences. The zoo hosts workshops and events exploring wildlife conservation, making it a prime choice for families seeking educational fun.

Up-close Animal Experiences

Guided by experienced zookeepers, families can engage with animals up close. These encounters range from friendly farm animals to otters, offering insights into behaviours, diets, and habitats.

Feeding Opportunities

Experience supervised animal feeding sessions, like the meerkats and otters. These encounters deepen your understanding of feeding habits and dietary needs.

Keeper Talks and Q&A

Engage with zookeepers, volunteers or the Discovery and Learning team during interactive sessions, delving into animal insights and conservation efforts. Satisfy curiosity while deepening your connection with Dartmoor Zoo’s incredible creatures.

Contributing to Conservation

Beyond entertainment, Dartmoor Zoo actively participates in conservation projects, safeguarding biodiversity and endangered species. Visiting supports vital conservation efforts.

Educational Programs

Explore Dartmoor Zoo’s educational programs, from school visits to the Rangers or Rangers Academy courses. Enhance your understanding of animals and conservation, benefiting from Devon’s educational gem.

Community Engagement

Dartmoor Zoo is a community hub, organizing events that foster connections and wildlife conservation. You join a community that cares for animals and the environment by visiting.

When looking for days out in Devon and Cornwall, look no further. A Journey of Wonder Dartmoor Zoo offers an enriching experience, blending diverse animals, engaging activities, conservation and educational opportunities. Embark on an adventure that promises fun, insights, and lasting memories while nurturing your appreciation for the animal kingdom.


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