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Missing binturong has been found safe and returned to Dartmoor Zoo!

Dartmoor Zoo are pleased to announce that Malu, a Palawan Binturong that managed to escape his enclosure, has now been found and returned safely to Dartmoor Zoo. Binturongs are incredible creatures, as well as being great climbers, they famously smell of popcorn!

Initial keeper observations would indicate that Malu hasn’t suffered in any way from his time in the Devon countryside, but Malu is being held in his house within his enclosure temporarily until a full health check can be carried out by the vets. His house has been confirmed as secure and Malu has access to heat, food, water and is comfortable and secure.

Welcomed to the site on Wednesday 5th July 2023 from ‘Get to know animals’ at Epping, Essex, London, Malu has become a much-loved resident on site and the entire team are delighted regarding his return.

Animal Manager Maddy commented:

“Malu is a shy boy and takes some time getting used to people. Bananas are considered a good way to make friends, although he loves all fruit and is his happiest self when munching! 

After receiving word of sightings by a local Cornwood resident in the evening of Tuesday 13th February the team gathered equipment and drove to the location. He was located in a small woodshed next to an allotment, so he had managed to find shelter and a food source. 

He was quickly secured and transported back to the Zoo, where he has been settling back in.

Malu has been eating well overnight and seems calm and in good health. The team will continue to monitor him to ensure he is doing well. 

At this time, the team are enjoying a very emotional reuniting with a much-missed Malu.”

Dartmoor Zoo will be reviewing Malu’s enclosure over the next 12 – 24 hours, to assess any changes that need to be made and Malu will be in a suitable, temporary enclosure until any works have been completed.

CEO David Gibson Commented:

We are all obviously delighted that Malu has been found safe and well and our priority now is for his ongoing welfare and care. We will be working hard over the next few days to ensure that he is in good health and that there is no possibility of him escaping his enclosure again.

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